Shareef Tavanur
by on October 8, 2012
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Special Jury award in INFOCUS ALL INDIA SHORT FILM FESTIVAL2012 Secunderabad..
2nd prize (Srishti,thrissur) Short film festival
First Prize "Cinema Paradiso" ,the short film competition Conducted as part of Ensemble '12
Sequence media Presents in association with
Threedots studios and CNeX Studios..
Screenplay Direction- MC Jithin
DOP- Alex J pulickal
Editing- Mathews Thomas
Story-Adeeb Peedikayil
Creative Directors - Anish Philip & Cecil Beryl Philips
Music-Sidhartha Pradeep
Chief associate director --Libin TB
Production Designer-Geogin Mathew
Associate Director -- Ravish
Production Manager- Justin C joseph
SFX & Mixing - Kiran Ben Michael
Stills-Justin Scaria<div class="item_view_more"><a href="#" onclick="$(this).parents('.js_view_more_parent:first').find('.js_view_more_full').hide(); $(this).parents('.js_view_more_parent:first').find('.js_view_more_part').show(); return false;">View Less</a></div></span></span>
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